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What You don't know: What about batteries for new energy cars

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Today, the Middle East, one of the world's most important sources of oil, has become a tug of war between the big powers. As energy becomes more and more scarce today, gas prices are really getting more and more expensive, and many people are considering buying hybrid or pure electric vehicles.
In fact, the difference between electric cars and gasoline cars is just one license plate on the outside, but the feeling of driving is much worse. New energy cars drive more quietly and smoothly. Not only does it feel a lot worse, but the interior of the car is a lot different.
Generally speaking, we often say that the fuel car includes these several big parts: the engine, transmission and chassis. This is often referred to as the fuel car three big. Electric cars also have three components: battery, electric motor and electric control. Electric cars do not have the engine and transmission as we often say.
Many people who have bought electric cars have found that changing the battery of an electric car is quite expensive. Here's a number for you: the battery, motor and electronic controls of the entire electric vehicle account for about 50% of the vehicle cost, while the battery accounts for 70% of the above cost. In other words, if we buy an electric car for 100,000 yuan, we buy a battery pack for 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. Therefore, we must understand the battery when we buy electric cars, because the battery takes up a large proportion of the vehicle cost, and in fact, the battery we choose also determines the range and cost of our electric cars. If we blindly buy new energy vehicles without understanding the battery, it is tantamount to a huge gamble, and do not know the opponent.

Here is the text:
Our normal electric car USES lithium batteries. And lithium batteries are divided into two types, respectively: lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium.
The truth is that the vast majority of electric cars on the market today run on lithium-ion batteries.
In fact, lithium ion batteries are also very easy to understand, when the battery is used, is the lithium ion back and forth between the anode and the cathode. When charged, lithium ions go from the positive to the negative; When it does work, the lithium goes from the negative to the positive. The process of running back and forth is often referred to as the battery cycle life. And the number of running back and forth, determines the actual number of lithium-ion battery charging, is the battery life, the day when the lithium ion run no longer, the battery life will come to an end.
For now, lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used and the most stable. The energy density of lithium ion battery is very high, so the storage capacity is more, which is often said that the battery life is relatively strong.
Lithium ion batteries are divided into two types: ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries.
Many people may be confused when they hear this word. It is too complicated. In fact, it's very easy to chew. As consumers, we don't need to know so much. As long as we know which battery is suitable for us to buy, we can.
Lithium iron phosphate battery
1. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have long service life, relatively high safety factor and low price. However, it also has some disadvantages, is in the low temperature performance is far less than three yuan lithium battery, a winter, battery life is severely shrunk.
Ternary lithium battery
2, ternary lithium battery energy density is relatively large, can store more power, long battery life. But the battery is not stable enough. And because the battery density is big, the time that charges an electricity to use compares long, bring about life to be short a few.
Now many consumers buy new energy vehicles, the first sentence asked the business: how many kilometers? Business also cast its good, so the storage of three lithium batteries, is more loved by manufacturers.
Do not think three lithium battery only one, in fact three lithium battery is also divided into several kinds.
Actually why call three lithium battery? Literally very simple, ternary lithium batteries have three elements, respectively, and lithium oxidation reaction, the formation of three compound oxides.
Of course, when we talk about ternary lithium batteries, the three metal elements are not fixed, and manufacturers will adjust the elements according to actual needs.
There are currently two types of fire, nickel cobalt manganese and nickel cobalt aluminum.
What our country USES at present is nickel-cobalt manganese more, but nickel-cobalt manganese divides several kinds of specification again. Here you may have some headaches, but after my explanation, I believe you will understand.
In fact, we often read the news, will find three lithium followed by 523,622 and other Numbers, in fact, these small partners carefully found. These Numbers, taken apart, all add up to 10. Yes, this is actually the percentage of metal elements in a ternary lithium battery, which adds up to exactly 100 percent.
What does the ratio of these elements do to us? In fact, this has a particular impact on the way we buy a car. When we buy a car, we know which battery pack to buy by looking at the ratio of the battery. The manufacturer has designed the performance in favor of which side.
Some mix ratios are mainly used to improve endurance; Some are used to increase the life of the battery; And then there are the mix ratios that are used to keep cars safe.
To sum up, our three elements are nickel, cobalt and manganese.
The nickel is mainly tube capacity, and the higher the nickel ratio, the more range the car will have.
Cobalt is mainly the life of tube batteries, the higher the amount of battery life will be longer;
Manganese is mainly the stability of the tube battery, and the higher the content, the more stable the battery, and the safer it is for the car.

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