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Battery safety: The race point for new energy vehicles

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On October 9, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the Supplementary Notice of the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation on further regulating accident reports of new-energy vehicles, further standardizing accident reports of new-energy vehicles. The government attaches great importance to the safety of new energy vehicles because of the occurrence of spontaneous combustion incidents of new energy vehicles, which not only pushes the safety of new energy vehicles to the forefront of public opinion, but also has a negative impact on the development of new energy industry. Are new energy vehicles really so unsafe? By the end of 2018, the number of new energy vehicles in China had reached 2.61 million. From January 2016 to December 2018, there were a total of 59 new energy vehicle fires in China. There were 33 fires on new energy passenger vehicles and 26 on new energy commercial vehicles. Although the fire accident of new energy vehicles is an indisputable fact, compared with the probability of fire accident of traditional fuel vehicles, the fire rate of new energy vehicles is not high. We can also understand the probability from the above data. Zi-dong wang, director of the national center for 863 power battery testing, once consumers for new energy vehicles on fire accident why special attention problems, understand it, because consumers know more about the structure of the fuel vehicle, familiar to the controllability of spontaneous combustion of fuel vehicles, but the front of the safety control in the face of the electric car, but also in a state of knowledge "black hole". It can be said that fire (spontaneous combustion) of new energy vehicles has been virtually "demonized".

Although the fire probability of new energy vehicles is not high, it still endangers the safety of life and property, which must be paid attention to. As for the cause of the fire, Wang Jingzhong, executive vice President and secretary general of the China Battery Industry Association, once analyzed that the top one was spontaneous combustion caused by overcharging of vehicles. Wang has also said that many batteries now have problems when they are charged, and that it is crucial for battery safety control. In the safety control of the battery, the thermal management of the battery is the most important. At present, in order to meet the subsidy demand, many electric vehicles on the market unilaterally pursue high energy density and high endurance, and some manufacturers even reduce the diaphragm thickness in the power battery, causing certain safety hazards to the safety of the power battery and easily causing the phenomenon of heat out of control. The data show that, on the whole, China's new energy automobile industry at the current stage of safety awareness is still insufficient, in which product design safety accumulation is not sufficient. Solutions to runaway battery heat
Jac New Energy has been engaged in new energy research as early as 2007, and has made outstanding achievements in battery, motor, electric control, drive, energy recovery, braking coupling and other aspects. It is one of the few independent brands that truly master the core technologies of new energy electric vehicles in China. Let's have a look at the solution to the battery heat out of control jAC new energy solutions. Jac New Energy pays more attention to the phenomenon of battery thermal runaway and pays more attention to the accumulation of safety in product design. After 1700 times of simulated thermal runaway experiment and development in three years, JAC new Energy takes the lead in making breakthroughs in China. From the five levels of the cell, simple module, multi-module, battery pack and the whole vehicle, the thermal control of the single unit can be triggered compulsively, so that the battery pack will not explode or catch fire.
In addition, in order to further protect the safety of the battery pack and extend the service life of the battery, JAC New Energy also independently iteratively develops intelligent liquid cooling and constant temperature technology, which is comparable to TESLA in the world and also at the leading level in China. To ensure that the extreme temperature of cold or heat, so that the operating temperature of the battery between 10 to 35 degrees, to avoid the impact of outdoor temperature battery. At the same time, the low temperature charging insulation technology also enables the vehicle battery to remain at a suitable operating temperature after being fully charged. The combination of advanced liquid cooling and constant temperature technology is conducive to the scientific thermal management of the battery pack, further eliminating the battery risk. Moreover, in order to further ensure the safety under extreme working conditions, JAC New Energy has conducted 654 fleet tests, with a total durability and reliability mileage of 43 million kilometers, a total of 4,900 battery safety tests and 5,600 functional and performance tests.
In addition to accumulating sufficient safety for power batteries, accumulating safety for vehicle driving is the most fundamental purpose. Jianghuai New Energy has carried out the "Thousand Miles public test", which takes several months to run all over the country, conducted the vehicle safety test and made the results available to the public. At present, after two seasons of testing, the iEV6E and iEVS4 models participated in the public test have gone through extreme driving tests such as high strength endurance, high temperature, high humidity and wading, which has accumulated rich experience for the safety of the whole vehicle and once again verified the reputation of "safe and reliable" products of JAC New Energy.
At present, three lithium, lithium iron phosphate two kinds of batteries are the most common power batteries in electric vehicles, in essence, both belong to lithium batteries. However, sANYUAN lithium battery has a higher energy density and can achieve a higher range. In addition, "range anxiety" has become the biggest concern for consumers when buying cars. Sanyuan lithium battery has a large market share. However, ternary lithium material has a safety hazard, that is easy to decompose at a high temperature of 200 degrees, and at this time the electrolyte will burn quickly, not to mention high specific energy lithium electronic battery can be volatile. On the other hand, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries are higher stability and cycle life than ternary lithium batteries, but its disadvantage is that its density is far less than ternary lithium batteries. Taking Jianghuai New Energy as an example, in the face of these two battery materials with obvious advantages and disadvantages, their solution is to grasp both hands: on the one hand, cooperate closely with battery experts to improve the density of lithium iron phosphate batteries; on the other hand, cooperate closely with battery experts to improve the density of lithium iron phosphate batteries. The other is to improve the stability of ternary lithium materials. Take the lithium iron phosphate battery mounted on JAC iEV7L model as an example. It is the first single lithium iron phosphate cell in China that breaks through 190Wh/kg (provided by Guoxuan High-tech). The energy density of the system exceeds 140Wh/kg. Due to the significant increase in battery density, lithium iron phosphate battery pack can "slim down" and reduce the load, greatly reducing vehicle energy consumption, and also more energy saving and environmental protection.
The iEVS4 model is equipped with a high-specific energy three-way lithium battery as the power battery, which helps the iEVS4 operating cycle to reach 470km, and the power up to 66kWh can be said to be a "walking power", which can be externally discharged to meet the one-stop requirements of eating, drinking, playing and playing. Jac New Energy adopts BTMS 4.0 intelligent thermostatic technology at the key point of battery thermal management for ternaries with poor stability. This technology ensures that iEVS4 has the largest battery cooling surface in its class, while maintaining a low temperature difference in the battery. By timely adjusting and keeping the battery at the optimal operating temperature, the maximum life of the battery cycle is achieved, and the safety of the battery is also maximized.
In 2019, the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles will be significantly reduced, and the subsidy will be tilted towards models with higher energy density of power battery system, lower energy consumption of the vehicle and longer driving range. For domestic new energy vehicle enterprises, it is not only necessary to reduce costs and reduce profits to make up for the negative impact of the reduction or even cancellation of government subsidies on sales and revenue. It is imperative to constantly improve and improve the battery performance of new energy vehicles, increase the accumulation of battery safety and even vehicle safety experience, and strike a balance between mileage and safety. The competition in the new energy automobile industry in the next 3 to 5 years is extremely cruel. Only by relying on its own hard power and finding a balance between the range and safety of power batteries, can the new energy automobile industry win at the race point.

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