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The first "eat crab" new energy car to change the battery?

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The first "eat crab" new energy car to change the battery? Look at the price, the owner: can't afford to change!
With the rapid development of economy, many people are driving cars. The increase of the amount of stock brings convenience to our travel, but also brings a negative impact on the traffic. The phenomenon of traffic jam has become a common occurrence, the incidence of traffic accidents has also increased, the violation of regulations and laws is more common, and the most important thing is that it has caused pollution to the environment. In order to effectively solve these problems, the traffic law is also improving day by day, new energy vehicles also appear in front of our eyes. The first "eat crab" new energy car to change the battery? Look at the price, the owner: can't afford to change!

Nowadays, it is common to see new energy vehicles with green license plates on the road. Moreover, the state strongly supports new energy vehicles. At a very early time, the state introduced some policies on new energy, which promoted the rapid development of new energy vehicles in a very short time. There are also more people who can accept energy cars. Compared with the growth rate of transmission cars, the development of green brand cars is not optimistic. Careful calculations show that it has been several years since the first new energy vehicles, and the batteries of the first electric cars are almost worn out. When the owners of the first green plates know that they need to change their batteries, they are very anxious.
Mainly because of the battery price, the owners of these dissatisfaction, that the price of the battery is sky-high, there is no theoretical basis to set the price. What the hell is going on? It turns out that a battery replacement for a new energy car will cost 780,000 yuan! This price for the average car owner, is indeed a sky-high price, which is why the owners can not accept one of the reasons. Some owners said that even though they knew it was expensive to replace the battery when they bought the car, who would have thought it would be so expensive to replace the battery to buy a new car, so much money might as well just replace a new car.
For new energy vehicles, the battery does have a big problem, and let those new energy owners dissatisfied. The reason why the first batch of people chose to buy electric cars was because they could save a lot of money on fuel compared with the fuel cars, save the cost of cars, and enjoy a lot of subsidies when buying the cars. It looked like a good deal at that time, but it seemed that the remaining money was not as expensive as a battery. No wonder many car owners say they can't afford it.
Most electric cars will have battery life of five or six years, and there are no policies to subsidize batteries, which are a pain for car owners. However, the new energy vehicles are still in the development stage, when these problems are inevitable, I believe that in the future, we can solve these problems, on the one hand to reduce the cost of users, on the other hand, it can also increase the life of the battery.

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