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We will accelerate the improvement and implementation of new energy sources

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The cover news reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport on September 23 that the "2019 EB-PAC National New Energy Bus Performance Evaluation Competition" (referred to as "Evaluation Competition") has recently been held in Chongqing. Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, said it was necessary to strengthen market orientation and work together to promote technological progress. Promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles in a scientific way according to local conditions; Clear responsibility, accelerate the implementation of the power battery recovery system; Overall planning to promote the integration of electric and intelligent development of vehicles.

"2019 EB - PAC" national new energy bus performance evaluation by the Ministry of Transport research institute, China highway passenger branch society, China road transport association city passenger transport branch, national passenger car quality supervision and inspection center, chongqing high-tech zone administrative committee co-sponsored, chongqing vehicle test institute co., LTD., etc to undertake, 14 23 model car companies from all over the country to participate in the competition, eventually zhongtong coach, foton, byd, xiamen jinlong, yutong bus five car companies won a total of 7 models.
According to the organizer, the testers and testing equipment used in the competition are all from chongqing Vehicle Testing Institute Co., LTD., a third-party testing institution, and the venue is located in Chongqing Vehicle Inspection And Testing Ground. This is the only third-party testing facility in the western region. This is also the "test field + laboratory" integrated vehicle testing base being built by Chongqing Institute of Vehicle Inspection.
The evaluation competition combines the application scenarios of new energy vehicles in the public transportation industry, selects representative actual operating conditions of public transportation, focuses on the technical performance that users care about, and comprehensively evaluates pure electric public transportation vehicles from the aspects of energy consumption level, driving distance, power performance, comfort and safety.
By the end of 2018, chongqing had 36,000 new energy vehicles in transit. Deng Donghua, vice head of market supervision bureau in chongqing said, the market regulation as the key of the development of market economy, surrounding the new energy automobile industry development, to establish the national market regulation system construction of the largest and strongest detection technology integration force, in order to "a, two platform, ten national quality inspection center" as the main content of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection base, through the formation of chongqing city hospital, focus on building the international domestic first-class automobile products detection technology, formed the new energy vehicles complete test evaluation system, new energy vehicles industry development of chongqing and even the whole China played an important role.
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